Airbnb for City Parking Is Here to Save You All the Headaches

There is something about driving in cars with people we love that brings out the worst in us.

If only we could find reliable directions and a f***ing parking spot, life would be so much easier.

A new sharing economy startup is hoping to remedy half of that equation by hooking drivers up with garage owners who have extra room and want to make a quick buck.

After registering on GaragePointer, users can check for nearby garage openings, park their cars and then arrange payment with the owner. It’s free to list garage openings on the peer-to-peer platform, and pricing is up to the involved parties, with GaragePointer collecting a flat $20 fee for each transaction.

In addition to providing out-of-towners with a safe and convenient place to park during road trips, GaragePointer also gives classic car owners with limited space a secure storage option that will allow them to insure their vehicles at lower agreed-value classic car rates, according to company co-founder Donald Osborne.

“Vehicle-owners get to garage their cars close to where they live, and garage-owners get to unlock an income stream from unused space,” Osborne says. The insurance-backed service is beta-testing in California, Washington and Oregon and will roll out nationwide in a couple months. And no, you can’t sleep in the garage.

If it sounds like your cup of tea, there’s still time to invest.