Get This No-Nonsense Weight Rack for $280 Off

We'll tell you what workout to pair it with

By Tanner Garrity / March 7, 2019 9:00 am

Generally, I’m a gym membership guy. But several times a month — due to work, weather, laziness — I find myself at home and in need of a workout. For those situations, I don’t need a full studio in the basement. Just a yoga mat and a weight rack. 

Yoga mats are cheap. I actually got mine off Amazon, which has some great selections. But weight racks are often crazy expensive. Which is why we recommend going with this unobtrusive, ergonomic model from Weider, currently a whopping $280 off.  

This set includes pairs of dumbbells at 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 pounds, each with hexagonal-sided weights. The rack itself is has an inverted frame, which’ll make it easy to stow away. We recommend using the dumbbells for push-ups (the hexagonal sides should help with stability), dumbbell dips, overhead presses, dumbbell rows (just find a bench to hunch over), bent-over raises, calf raises and split-bulgarian squats.

The weights being on the lighter side here is actually better — that’s all you need for high-rep, functional movements, which will help keep your arms active and reduce pain in your lower back. Aim for three moves at ten reps each, in four set circuits. A half-hour in, your arms will be toast.

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