Gear | September 12, 2016 9:00 am

A Time Machine for the Audiophile Set

A turn of the knob sends you back to the future

Forget frequencies, this innovative new music player deals in years.

Want to revisit your senior prom? Or perhaps you’re feeling nostalgic for that year you drove cross-country. The Time Travel Radio will take you there.

Created by Japan’s PARTY, a creative lab known for their limit-pushing designs melding storytelling and tech, the Time Travel Radio is currently on display at STORY in New York City. The unit features just two knobs: one for turning it on and controlling the volume and one for selecting the desired year. Pick your time frame, and transport instantly to another era.

PARTY’s motto is “Work with the unknown, to make the unknown.” We don’t know what that means. But we like it. Though the Time Travel Radio is currently just a prototype, anyone interested in “making it a reality” are encouraged to reach out here.

Meanwhile, we will content ourselves with the clever, which programs music by time period and geographic region.