Gear | November 30, 2016 9:00 am

This Machete Saw Can Out-Chop Any Woodchuck

Mick Dundee would approve this message

While there seems to be some sort of tacit agreement among the American peoples that the apocalypse is imminent, the exact nature of how the world ends is still in question.

Some say flood. Others zombies. There are even those who believe a comet is coming.

Bearing all that in mind, you’ll likely want to secure a survival tool that will allow you to cut wood for an ark, lay waste to droves of the undead, or even dig a big ol’ asteroid fallout shelter in a pinch.

Forged from corrosion-resistant carbon steel, the Ontario SP8 Survival Machete is such a tool.

A versatile piece of equipment that’s equal parts machete, crowbar and saw, the 10-inch tool is heavy enough (1.5 pounds) so its flat tip can be used as a hammer if a situation calls for it. Designed for military, sport, rescue and preventing the fall of humanity, the Survival Machete features a handle made out of rugged Kraton polymer and durable leather sheath for storage.

Made in the USA and ready to protect or cut down parts of it, the Survival Machete costs $57.

Chop chop.