“I Knew You Wouldn’t Miss a 24k Gold Surfboard, Bodhi!”

“If you want the ultimate, you’ve got to be willing to pay the ultimate price.”

Words of wisdom bestowed upon tenderfoot Johnny Utah by his sensei Bodhi in 1991 action-movie canon candidate Point Break.

And while we’re fairly certain the golden-maned one wasn’t talking about shelling out for luxury surfing gear, let’s pretend like he was for our purposes here today.

Because if any surfboard is gonna break your bank, it’s the new 24-karat gold leaf board from UK-based LUX Surfboards.

Expected inventory: exactly one.

Measuring nearly seven feet in length, the hand-built Aureus has gold-leaf gilt woven throughout its fiberglass frame and single fin. The designers say its “construction marks a world first in surfboard manufacturing techniques.”

LUX Surfboards presents: The Aureus – The world’s first 24 Karat gold gilt surfboard 0:50

Valued at $180,000, the ‘70s-inspired shortboard is still fully functional for your ten-hanging needs, provided a pirate doesn’t take it to bury with his treasure.