Gear | September 21, 2016 9:00 am

Would You Pay $200 For a Networked Personal Lube Solution?

Dear tech industry, we're good, thanks

When the Internet of Things came into our kitchens, that was fine.

When it dared venture into our living rooms, we were cool with that too.

But now that the IoT is attempting to get into our bedrooms — in the form of a $200 personal lubrication set no less — we are drawing the friggin’ line.

Billed as “The World’s Best Personal Lubricant,” PLAISIR des SENS comes in a dispenser that charges wirelessly in a docking port called the Valet that can also be used to power up a smartphone or order more lube by pressing an installed IoT button.

The “deliciously edible” luxury lubricant — which is warmed to 100°F using patented heating technology — is made from 100% expeller-pressed extra virgin coconut oil and can be dispensed with the touch of a button.

The dispenser, charger and a three-month supply of PLAISIR des SENS carry a MSRP of $200, but the company is currently selling the entire set for $150 on Indiegogo.

While the idea of paying that much for a luxury lube set with IoT capabilities may not be as bad as the thought of dropping $1,000 on a yoga mat, it’s certainly still a turn-off.