Gadgets | December 18, 2019 1:06 pm

Deal: Want a Non-GoPro Action Camera? The Rylo Is 50% Off.

Take $200 off the best plug-and-play 360-degree camera around

Rylo 360-degree action video camera
The Rylo action camera doesn't just have this lens — flip it around and there is a second lens for 360-degree video.

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When you say the words “action camera,” the first and sometimes only name that pops up is GoPro. There are way more options available today for your skydiving videos and/or Comedians in Cars ripoff since their first digital camera was released in ‘06, but not many that are as accessible and user-friendly for the video novice.

Then Rylo came along. The tech company was started by two co-creators of Instagram’s popular Hyperlapse app, and their 360-degree action camera took omnidirectional video beyond what anyone else had done. Instead of exporting that goofy, warped video that isn’t useful to normal video creators, users can move the rectangular frame around the entire 360-degree capture and choose which angle they want to use. Yeah, it’s as crazy as it sounds.

If you’re looking to upgrade from GoPro, or simply get your first action camera ever, or need a present for the teenager and/or college student in your life, the Rylo is discounted a ridiculous 50% off at Best Buy.

Check out this video from Casey Neistat for a preview of how it works:

Why are they offering this insane sale? Well, last week, Rylo announced they had been acquired by photo and video editing app VSCO (of the VSCO girls). That means, for the moment at least, they will no longer be making the camera and are selling off the rest of the stock.

So yes, they have put an end date on downloads for the iOS, Android and macOS app (but it’s not until January 31, 2021), but the camera and app will still work beyond that date. And really, for $200, it’s more than worth picking up one of these best-in-class cameras to mess around with even if it won’t get updates forever.