Gadgets | February 11, 2021 10:45 am

Deal: PhoneSoap Will Sanitize Your Tech Gear (And It’s Up to 50% Off)

But the sale only lasts through today

PhoneSoap's devices use UV light to kill bacteria

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Phones have 25,127 bacteria per square inch.

We were talking about keeping your phone away from your bed, but also about sleep hygiene. Long story short: Maybe don’t have your smartphone beside your bed. And since it’s not by your bed, you can place it in a PhoneSoap UV sanitizer, which will zap germs and provide a place to recharge your device’s batteries.

And you can accomplish all of this today at Woot’s flash sale, where three models of PhoneSoap are 33-50% off (color choices are limited, however).

The UV light will kill 99.99% of bacteria (in minutes … you don’t need to leave the phone in there overnight), and you can have your device plugged in while you’re doing it. And the larger HomeSoap can actually fit an iPad or a remote control.

It’s worth the $40 to keep the device you touch the most in a clean and safe state. But don’t rest too comfortably: The sale only goes through today.

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