Gadgets | January 19, 2021 10:05 am

Deal: Oral-B’s New “Smart” Toothbrush Is 63% Off

"It's like a fitness tracker for your teeth," they say (and it's an Alexa-powered speaker)

Oral-B Guide on sale
Oral-B's new Guide is a smart toothbrush with a built-in Alexa speaker

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The first generation of “smart” toothbrushes exponentially improved my dental health. And that was just an electric brush with a timer.

And these brushing gadgets have improved a lot since then, as shown by the Oral-B Guide, an Alexa-compatible dental device that’s now over half off at Amazon.

Why the Guide?

  • The base of the unit doubles as an Alexa-powered, water-resistant smart speaker. (Note: Don’t give spoken orders while you’re brushing.) It also has a built-in LED Quad Pacer that’ll help guide your brushing and warn you if your cleaning is getting a little too intense.
  • You can track your teeth brushing habits via an app; the device and your phone sync via both Bluetooth and wifi.
  • Most importantly, the Guide claims to remove “100 percent more plaque than a manual toothbrush” and features six different brushing modes.
Oral-B Guide on sale

The brush retails for $220, but it’s now down to just under $102 with free one-day shipping on Prime. Clip the coupon on the page and it’ll go down to $82 … which is actually less than most of Oral-B’s other smart toothbrushes, which usually hover under $100 on a normal day.

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