Gadgets | August 26, 2020 11:11 am

Deal: You Need an External Computer Monitor. These Are Up to 30% Off.

Stop squinting, get more productive and save money with an additional screen

Take up to 30% off name-brand monitors at Adorama

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I left my second monitor at work in my hurry to get out before quarantine started in March. And now, nearly half a year later, my tiny laptop screen is driving me insane.

If you’re working at home, a second screen (or even just a larger screen) can improve productivity, and it’s probably better for your eyes and back, too (he says as he hunches over and squints at his MacBook Air).

So take advantage of Adorama’s “Back to School” sale and grab up to 30% off a variety of monitors (and get free shipping and reward points while you’re shopping).

Pretty much all of the name-brand monitors here offer full HD screens, tilting options for better views (some are even touchscreens) and non-glare treatment. Most importantly, all of them offer extra real estate for your browsing, gaming or, um, actual work.

LG monitor
Take $100 off this 27″ LG monitor

A few standouts:

HP 24uh 24″ Full HD LED: $165 $115

Dell UltraSharp 34″ WQHD Curved IPS LED: $999 $744

Dell 23.8″ Full HD IPS Touchscreen LED LCD: $410 $340

LG 27″ 16:9 4K Ultra HD FreeSync IPS: $500 $400