Gadgets | January 3, 2020 11:16 am

Deal: Eero Is the Fastest Way to Get Wifi Through Your Entire Home

The plug-and-play mesh network is now on sale

eero mesh

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Getting your house streaming-ready in seconds — on a device that looks like it belongs in your living room, as opposed to something that resembles a glowing antenna spider — can be traced back to eero.

We covered the company back in 2016, and called them the iPhone of routers. Their small white boxes certainly seemed like an Apple product, especially when coupled with their ease of use — we were up and streaming within a minute (entire instructions: plug in devices to modem and around the home, download app, tap a few buttons, boom … you’ve got house-wide wi-fi).

We were a bit worried when Amazon bought ‘em last February. The good news is that their first post-merger product, the Amazon eero mesh, is a powerful, affordable, standalone Wifi router that covers 1,500 square feet, and quite cheaply. One caveat: The new product sacrifices a bit of eero’s sleek look.

eero mesh

Right now you can grab the eero mesh for just $75 (a 24% savings), a mesh three-pack that’ll cover up to 5,000 square feet for a discounted $220 and/or a three-pack with an Echo Dot for 15% off … and you’ll need it if you want to Alexa controls. Eero also comes with free 30-day trials of security apps like and 1Password (the system already has some built-in security systems that offer threat scans, content warnings ad-blocking).