You Can’t Buy the Eames House, But You Can Buy Tables Made From Its Trees

Need a limited-edition table to go with your lounge chair?

Eames Eucalyptus LTR Table
This limited-edition Eucalyptus LTR Table is made from trees on the Eames House property.
Herman Miller
By Alex Lauer / September 18, 2019 11:23 am

The husband-and-wife design team of Charles and Ray Eames has continued to give to the public long after they passed — by way of their iconic furniture, from the status symbol Eames Lounge Chair to the child-friendly Hang-It-All. But the latest offering takes that sentiment more literally. 

It’s called the Eames Eucalyptus LTR Table. The original Eames Low Table Rod (LTR) Base was created back in 1950, and this new limited-edition model is the same design apart from the specific wood used for the top. The two eucalyptuses cut down were no ordinary trees — they were harvested from the grounds of the modern architectural marvel that is the Eames House in the Pacific Palisades. 

Before you get up in arms about these trees being cut down, as the Eames Foundation notes, it’s all part of an intentional landscape management plan. In fact, Herman Miller and Vitra repurposed the wood in partnership with the foundation expressly to honor the love the Charles and Ray had for the eucalyptuses. According to the foundation, the designers altered the plan for the house so as not to cut down any of the original trees on the site. And since then, the number of trees has doubled.

Are these more expensive than a regular ol’ LTR table? You bet. But it’s not every day you get a chance to own an Eames made from actual Eames trees.

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