Furniture | August 11, 2020 11:06 am

Deal: Declutter Your Home With Huckberry's Yamazaki Furnishings Sale

It’s time you got your new home office in order

Yamazaki side tables, key racks, desk organizers and shoe racks
All of Yamazaki's minimalist furnishings are on sale at Huckberry.

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The difference between an organized home and a messy, chaotic, stressful home doesn’t necessarily come down to how much stuff you have; often, it depends on whether or not everything has a place. That’s why closet space has become such a high priority in home buying, and why you really need to be shopping Yamazaki’s sale at Huckberry.

The Japanese home furnishings brand has all of the minimalist pieces to help you declutter your desk, home office, living room and every other space in your house that needs some work after months of quarantining, and right now all of them are discounted.

If you find yourself working from the couch, or moving from place to place, you’d do well to pick up the Huckberry-exclusive Rolling Side Table Wagon, so you can stop balancing your coffee cup on whatever precarious ledge is in sight. If your cords and power strips are a mess, the Web Cable Box is a simple, elegant solution. If you’ve been on a sneaker-buying spree, the Wood Top Shoe Rack Tower will save your entryway or closet. And that’s just for starters.