Food & Drink | April 18, 2012 9:00 am

Piggy Smalls

Piggy Smalls

When a mashup’s done right, the results are astounding — witness the mighty turducken (a chicken + a turkey + a duck), or the tasty snack Combos, which is supposedly pretzels + cheese, but really, who knows.

For an astounding supper club mashup, check out Dinnerfix: a private dinner + a rustic bar + an art gallery, selling tickets now.

Held only once per month, Dinnerfix is a 20-seat soiree held inside LES gallery / wine bar Culturefix. Each dinner begins with a cocktail reception and gallery viewing, followed by an eclectic meal prepped by a former Asia de Cuba chef.

The next dinner: April 24th, National Pigs in a Blanket Day (true), for which Culturefix’s crack culinary team has devised a six-course reinterpretation of the infamous pastry-wrapped wiener. Highlights:

    • Cornmeal-fried oysters in a scallop carpaccio “blanket,” with sriracha tartar sauce and an herb crisp
    • Lobster “sausage” encased in potato with smoked tomato dressing and lemon jam
    • The charmingly self-reflexive “blanket in a pig in a blanket” – pork, beef, veal, and mushroom stuffing wrapped in bacon, ensconced in a corn muffin with green tomato chutney and anchovy ketchup

    Each course will be paired with a selection of microbrews, plus free-flowing Spanish and French wines — which will surely prep you for the traditional end-of-evening mashup, you + pillow.

    Nota bene: Can’t make this dinner? Join Culturefix’s mailing list to get first word on the next.