These Kitchen Containers Are Magical, And 20% Off

No lids. No plastic. Safe for the stove, freezer or microwave.

By Kirk Miller / February 27, 2019 9:00 am

“Without order nothing can exist. Without chaos nothing can evolve.” — Oscar Wilde (eh, maybe)

Speaking of my kitchen … there is no order to plasticware.

I have multiple sets of mismatched lids and containers — all hailing from different brands who use slightly different sizing methods. All together, they occupy two entire cabinet shelves. I’ve tried arranging the rectangular and square lids in different piles and stacking them by size (largest at bottom), but the bowls and dishes don’t play well together and end up strewn about in no meaningful order.

Then I spend 2-3 minutes per night figuring out what dish goes with what lid. And those bulky containers take up 80% of my (already miniscule) fridge space.

Zip Top is my solution. Crafted from 100% platinum silicone (TKK), these reusable containers are the brilliant cross between ziplock bags and Tupperware.

Like Tupperware, they have a solid form — the flat base means they’ll stand up in your microwave, stove or fridge/freezer (and it’s safe to use in all of ”˜em). But like ziplock bags, they zip shut — no lids required.

The sizing here is great: They’re flexible, so they can fit in cup holders, and the wide openings make it easy to procure your food. Plus, they’re plastic-free and contain no harmful chemicals. Oh, and you can nest the smaller Zip Tops within the larger ones, meaning you could probably store all your containers on one corner of a kitchen shelf.

Zip Top was crowdfunded back in November with over $1.3 million, a 6396% funding rate. The company has put the dishware back on demand on Indiegogo, with sets started at $78 (20% off).


Photos: Zip Top.

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