Food & Drink | December 14, 2016 9:00 am

The World’s Best Whisky Was Just Announced, But Here’s Why You Can’t Try It

... until 2017. Screw you, supply and demand.

There is at least one thing to look forward to next year.

Whisky Advocate, a long-time tastemaker in the spirits world, just doled out their annual Best of awards for the 23rd year.

Winning the coveted title of World Whisky of the Year: Amrut Spectrum, which gives its spirit a second maturation in “bespoke chimeric casks assembled from staves of five different woods.” Those woods include American oak, French oak, Spanish oak, oloroso and Pedro Ximenez wood.

As WA notes, the India-based Amrut is a rather inventive distillery (mixing barley from different countries, maturing whisky on multiple continents, pretreating casks with wine and orange peel, etc.).

Now the kicker: The original 1,000 bottles sold out. Instantly. A second round won’t be available, outside of auction markets, until 2017.

Until then, enjoy some the other winners:

Japanese Whisky of the Year: Yoichi Single Malt

Irish Whiskey of the Year: Redbreast Lustau Edition

Canadian Whisky of the Year: Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend

American Whiskey of the Year: Booker’s Rye

Craft Whiskey of the Year: Bainbridge Yama American Single Grain Barley  

And still to come:

December 15th: Blended/Blended Malt Whisky of the Year
December 16th: Speyside Single Malt of the Year
December 17th: Islay Single Malt of the Year
December 18th: Highland Single Malt of the Year
December 19th: Lowlands/Campbeltown Single Malt of the Year
December 20th: Lifetime Achievement Awards
December 21st: Distiller of the Year