Food & Drink | March 3, 2017 9:00 am

A Flask So Discerning It Hides the Good Stuff From Your Friends

Finally a solution to, “Let me get a hit of that!”

We’ve all been there: a flask filled with your private stash, snuck into a concert, pulled out surreptitiously — only to have some unworthy bro catch a glimpse and blurt, “Let me get a hit of that!”

You used to have two choices. Refuse and be labeled a stiff. Or oblige and seethe the rest of the evening. Thanks to the combined powers of Swiss watchmakers and Scottish whisky distillers, there’s now a third choice.

Flask 2 from Urwerk and The Macallan is an 156-component, two-tank canister made for discerning imbibers and bro thwarters everywhere. After sipping your specialty flask cocktail, simply twist the mouthpiece to change to the other tank filled with watered-down bottom-shelf booze. Then pass around and let the back pats follow. There are also some, shall we say, less than useful upgrades from the normal hip flagon. For example, a pop out stand.

The price is set at $2,450, which is a tad expensive, but with only 500 being made none of your friends will catch onto the spirit switcheroo. That satisfaction? Priceless.