Food & Drink | September 27, 2016 9:00 am

Whiskey Tastes Better Out of a Tripod Tumbler, Claim Guys Selling Tripod Tumbler

Do they work? Probably not. But they look pretty cool.

Generally, a whiskey glass appeals to just one of our senses: sight. Their appeal: “I am empty. Fill me.”

But a new set of whiskey tumblers from Tripod Glass  is designed to appeal to all the senses — sight, smell, touch and, most importantly, taste.

Each of the trio of glasses — the Tumbler, Caldron and Copita — has a unique shape and lip that (allegedly) enhance taste and aroma, and they all (allegedly) trace their functional-yet-aesthetically pleasing designs back to historical Chinese drinkware from the Shang Dynasty, circa 1600 BC.

No matter if you want booze to taste floral and fruity or woody and feinty, the glasses from San Francisco-based U-Cube design are all built to reveal the “distinct characteristics in whiskey.”

“Three is the magic number in Chinese culture,” according to the Tripod Kickstarter page. “It embodies harmony between humans, the gods and the nature. “Design physics-wise, triangle structure is the most balanced and steady stand, and it enables drinkers to hold drinks firmly.”

A single glass from the set goes for $20, while all three will ship for $55.

Our $.02? Novel idea, but we’d rather reach for something with a wide brim and a stolid, heavy base — the best whiskey glasses are the kind that are really hard to spill.