Food & Drink | August 12, 2016 9:00 am

The Toasteroid Is Here, the Toaster Doing Things You Honestly Cannot Imagine

This is the novelty gift that 2016 deserves

If you’ve ever wondered what this notably absurd year would look like if rendered as a novelty gift gag, we have, undoubtedly, found it: the Toasteroid, which will not only toast bread but print your favorite emoji on that bread as well. 

We, as a society, might not have figured out how to stop invasions of groundhogs across our major cities, but emoji-printing on bread: We got this. 

Emoji-printing is only one part of this toaster’s capabilites. It can also print the weather (“Turn your morning toast into umbrella reminder”), custom messages (“Send toast message to your loved one”), and personal doodles — all via smartphone.

No smartphone? Well, at least you can still make toast.

It’ll just cost more than your average slice. The Toasteroid is now being Kickstarted for $79 for a two-slice oven.