Half the joy of a great cocktail is in the presentation.

A lesson taken to heart by contemporary glassware designers Nude Glass, who recently debuted an elegant new home-bar collection called Hepburn, for legendary British actress Audrey (you may remember her from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the line “No, no, you disapprove of me, and I do not accept drinks from gentlemen who disapprove of me. I’ll pay for my own whisky.”).


Partnering with New York designer Brad Ascalon, who heads a furniture and consumer products studio founded on “uncomplicated” design, the beauty here is in the polished simplicity.

The seven pieces — a cocktail shaker, mixing jug, martini glass, mixer glass, “alchemy glass” and tumbler — are built from lead-free crystal glass and finished with brass-like attachments. They’re weighted on the bottom for added stability.

Regardless of your bar skills, the metal/glass accessories here stand on their own. The Hepburn collection isn’t on sale quite yet, but Nude Glass does offer several other likeminded glassware collaborations.