By Kirk Miller / January 8, 2019 9:00 am

Post-holiday conundrum: How do you get rid of an old Christmas tree?

Turn it into beer.

That very merry idea is coming to fruition thanks to Lowlander Beer, a Dutch brewery that brews its suds with botanicals.  This year, they’ve been collecting used trees and using the needles to craft their 2019 Winter IPA, as well as a sparkling beer called Lowlander Botanical Brut.


Currently Lowlander is using a crowdfunding site to help process more than 1000 trees into brews in what they’re calling a “tree to table” initiative — funders get access to the tree beers and/or an invite to a beer-themed dinner event.

Part of the funds will be used by the brewery to to pick the minds of biologists, chefs, gardeners and the like to reuse as much of the discarded trees as possible.

Photos: Lowlander Beer