Bar cart

Simple drinking rule: Don’t waste Scotch.

That applies to the spirit and, now, the barrel. British artisans The New Craftsmen have released The Glenlivet Nàdurra Drinks Trolley by Sebastian Cox, a handcrafted bar cart built from retired oak staves saved from used Scotch casks.

Here, the staves have been steam straightened and weaved into the cart’s door and barrow wheels. The trolley also comes with three circular rests on top display your whisky, and a hand-blown glass vessel to store ice.

The bad news: The trolley takes 10 weeks to make, and costs a whopping $5400. But it does get you membership to The Glenlivet Guardians program, which allows you access to private whisky events and new releases.

Bottoms up.

In other news: If you’re really into sustainable practices with your booze, you can now also use the byproducts of whisky production to power your car.