One Climb Day
By The Editors / May 11, 2012 9:00 am

It’s life’s simple pleasures that make a guy happy. Like the great outdoors. And drinking. Here to help you enjoy both, at the same time: The Climber.

A sleek, ultra-light pouch with a handy spout, The Climber’s the first-ever booze bag from Clif Family, the Napa Valley snack barons behind CLIF bars.

The Climber’s available filled with crisp, fruity chardonnay or a lush cabernet, and each varietal’s food-friendly and perfect for a variety of occasions — from adventurous hiking, to leisurely picnics, to riotous tailgates.

The Climber’s also easy on the planet: compared to a glass bottle, it’s got an 80% lower carbon footprint and takes up 90% less landfill space.

So go ahead: kick back by the campfire and toast the starry night sky with a glass or two. It’ll make the hike home a little lighter.