Food & Drink | May 22, 2017 9:00 am

Just Your Average Secret Underground Beer Locker

And for my next trick, I will pull a beer from the earth

Having a safe space to stash a few cold ones is what separates an amateur beer drinker from a pro.

To give aspiring amateurs a way to raise their stash game that doesn’t involve drinking commode beers, a German firm created a device that’s basically a beer fallout shelter.

With enough space for 16 beers, the Biersafe is a non-refrigerated plastic container that’s installed underground and can be concealed with fake grass. Accessible via a metal rack that vertically slides out of, the brews in the tube are kept cold without electricity.

Biersafe (2 images)

According to the site’s English translation: “Whether as a party gag, as a secret staging for your beer emergency supply or as a space-saving and energy-saving cooling solution – our Biersafes can be used flexibly and guarantee ground-cooled beer at any time of the year.”

So, not just a gag. Eco-friendly, too. 

Available for $130 (shipping outside Germany is extra), head on over to Biersafe for more info.