Food & Drink | September 23, 2016 9:00 am

Apparent Genius Claims He’s Invented Hangover-Free Alcohol

Someone call the Nobel committee at once!

Drink up.

A new tipple dubbed “alcosynth” apparently mimics all the good things you like about alcohol (the buzz) without the negative effects (the hangover).

The synthetic alcohol won’t cause dry mouth, nausea or a throbbing headache, according to creator Prof. David Nutt of Imperial College, who has patented about 90 different alcosynth compounds, according to an interview with The Independent.

But hold the shots. The professor, who studied how alcohol affects the brain and attempted to mimic those reactions, estimates widespread alcosynth use by … 2050.

Good news: It tastes ok.

“They go very nicely into mojitos,” he said. “They even go into something as clear as a Tom Collins. One is pretty tasteless, the other has a bitter taste.”

Mind you, this is all coming from a former government drug czar who once claimed taking ecstasy was less dangerous than riding a horse. So he’s either the wrong person or the perfect person to figure this out.

It couldn’t hurt to know one way or the other: excessive alcohol consumption costs Americans $223.5 billion according to the most recent figures available (2006), and 18% of U.S. adults regularly engage in binge drinking.