Texas’s First Bourbon Distillery to Sell by the Barrel, Unsurprisingly
By The Editors / March 4, 2016 9:00 am

Some things, once started, must be enjoyed in their entirety.

Coltrane albums come to mind. Cuban cigars. House of Cards.

And … barrels of whiskey?

Garrison Brothers, the first legal bourbon distillery in Texas, is giving serious spirits enthusiasts the chance to buy a whole barrel of their handmade “corn to cork” whiskey.

The 94-proof Single Barrel Bourbon produced by the award-winning craft distillery is a sweet mash of 74% organic corn, 15% soft red winter wheat and 11% malted barley, and every batch will yield 40-80 “unique, different, and inconsistent” bottles.

Barrels — which can be selected on site by customers or the master distiller — typically range from $5,000 to $8,000, depending on their output (ye ol’ “Angel’s Share” can vary, which explains the huge disparity in average bottle yield). After purchase, your barrel will be delivered in personalized bottles along with the barrel from whence they came and each one has the recipe written on the side with a silver Sharpie.

“Bourbon is the nectar of the gods,” says founder Dan Garrison. “It encourages storytelling. It brings people together. It builds friendships. It helps people get laid. Imagine how popular you’ll become when you have your own barrel of the stuff.”

Point taken.