Food & Drink | March 28, 2017 9:00 am

Rejoice: This Cloud Makes It Rain Tequila

Forecast calls for margaritas, light headaches

For once, you can look forward to the rain.

The Mexico Tourism Board and ad agency Lapiz (part of Leo Burnett) recently debuted Tequila Cloud, an exhibit in Berlin that actually rains down Mexico’s spirit of choice. The Cloud uses ultrasonic humidifiers to turn tequila into a mist, which then condenses into liquid form and falls as raindrops.

Which is cool, but why?

Apparently, it was to promote Mexico as a tourism destination to Germans (the ad’s tag line was “Forget the winter. Have a taste of Mexico.”) According to Adweek, the cloud only rained when it actually rained in Berlin — which was apparently quite frequently (it rains more than England).

Check out a video of Tequila Cloud below.