Food & Drink | July 9, 2014 9:00 am

On Tap

By The Editors

Speaking of weather — and you totally were — may we suggest a cool-down? Perhaps a cold, fresh pint of your favorite microbrew, poured straight from the tap?

The tap in your house.

The magic beer tap in question: SYNEK, on draft now and available for pre-order.

SYNEK is about the size of a breadmaker.

It fits on your kitchen counter, and it serves up a freshly tapped brew of your choice, at your convenience.

So: infinitely better and fresher than a keg, growler or six-pack.

Setup’s a snap.

Plug it into a standard outlet, insert an airtight, one-gallon metalized polyester bag filled with your fave beer, and — with a little help from CO2 cartridges — pour yourself a fresh one.

About those bags: they fit any tap or keg, so you can get beer right from your local growler station.

Or a bar, if you have a friendly bartender (use one of these).

SYNEK’s already made deals with dozens of microbrews, including some editor faves like Avery, Mikkeller and Red Hook.

Happy imbibing.