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Staff Picks: All the Stuff Our Editors Fell in Love With This Week

Nike boots, shower beer holders, minimal duffels and more

By The Editors

Welcome to InsideHook’s Staff Picks, a compendium of all the things our editors have been digging recently.

The Shower Beer Holder
I’ve been known to wax poetic about shower beers from time to time. Warm water, cold beer: it’s multisensory therapy at its finest, and something every man should incorporate into his self-care routine. And now there’s this wonderful little invention: a silicone beer holster that prevents you having to lean over every 30 seconds to retrieve your beer from its precarious position on the tub’s edge. — Walker Loetscher, Editor in Chief

Nike Field Boot
This one requires backstory. While reading Esquire’s Shia Labeouf feature earlier this week, I especially enjoyed a digression about Kanye’s love for Shia’s style — Yeezy apparently has a “No More Parties in LA” outtake where he raps: “I wish I dressed as fresh as Shia Labeouf,” and on confessing this admiration to Shia, was given free rein to take from his closet. Which, he did. The Nike Field Boot is Labeouf chic at its finest and most simple: a mix of tactical and everyday athletic that looks prime with a pair of jeans, whether heading out to grab a cup of coffee or staging a confrontational public art installation. — Tanner Garrity, Associate Editor

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Skillet
There’s an idea that because cast iron requires particular cleaning, it is inherently difficult. Not so! After most uses, an oil-and-paper-towel wipedown is all you need. Works great whether I’m making 2 a.m. crepes for one or knocking out rogue Looney Toons. — Athena Wisotsky, Senior Editor

Alex Crane Play Suit
Insisting to wear the same outfit every day is a quirk of successful geniuses. And through I’ve never felt a desire to adopt my own life uniform, these new “Play Suits” from Alex Crane have me thinking otherwise. Available in six monotone colors, the relaxed fit consists of a simple linen button-down and a matching straight-leg denim twill pant. You could buy each separately and mix and match if that’s more your stye, but I’m gonna give this whole genius thing a shot and go all in on the sand colorway. — Michael Nolledo, Deputy Editor/Chicago Editor

Katin “No Problemo” Hat
As a dude who lacks nature’s cap up top, it behooves me during the summer months to keep a lightweight baseball cap on hand to shield my dome. And when one with a vibe this chill comes around, well, ya gotta jump on it. — Danny Agnew, Creative Director

Nomad 1.5m Rugged Cable
When it comes to chargers, it’s easy to just settle for the status quo. But I recently acquired one of these guys, and it’s been a revelation. The 1.5m gives you texting range while charging up your phone. The rubber coating ensures that the cord itself won’t split and fray, as standard issues Apple chargers are wont to do. And it’s also perfect for taking on the go, with end caps and a cable wrap for easy roll-up and tangle prevention. — Eli London, Director of Partnerships 

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Pakt One
We’ve been all about backpacks and briefcases recently. But let’s give a shoutout to Pakt One, a decidedly minimalist (and minimalists-approved) bag that offers the perks of a duffel (the shape and storage space) and a dual-compartment suitcase. A sequel to the limited-edition 2011 Getaway bag, Pakt has plenty of internal and external pockets — the pull-out TSA mesh pocket is our favorite (you’ll never throw your passport and tickets into those terrible trays again). — Kirk Miller, Managing Editor/Nation Editor


If you need something a little sweet to end your Saint Patrick’s Day escapades, Kerrygold Irish Cream can be your, uh, dessert. It’s a low-alcohol (17% ABV) chocolate-y liqueur with a whiskey base that sips fine on its own but works best in a cocktail. Like this one we tried on Wednesday, courtesy of Seamstress creative director Pam Wiznitzer.

Cuppa Kerry

1.5 oz. Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur
1.5 oz. Chai infused Cachaca
.5 oz. Barrows Intense Ginger Liqueur
Tiny pinch of curry powder

Shake and strain up into a coupe. Garnish with candied ginger slices dusted with a hint of curry powder.

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