Food & Drink | May 31, 2016 9:00 am

SodaStream Is Finally Conquering the Final Frontier: Beer

New device could hit U.S. shelves later this year

The road to DIY alcohol contraptions has thus far been paved with boozy intentions but questionable hardware.

The latest entry into the field: the Beer Bar from SodaStream.

The homemade beer system from the company that popularized DIY soda allows users to mix sparkling water with a substance called “beer concentrate” to create a 4.5 ABV brew called “Blondie” that boasts “a smooth authentic taste, and a hop-filled aroma.”

Whether the beer lives up to expectations remains to be seen, but the simplistic homebrew system has already been toasted by investors as SodaStream International saw share prices rise more than six percent after the Beer Bar was announced.

While the Beer Bar is only available in Germany and Switzerland for now, it’s expected to begin arriving in other markets later this year or in 2017.

If you can’t wait, an alternative option could be the Keurig for weed.