Food & Drink | November 23, 2016 9:00 am

This Countertop Garden Grows Superfoods Better Than Your Supermarket

600% better, to be exact

Unless you’re hitting farmers’ markets, a growing boy like yourself should know most veggies  you’ll find at the grocery store are over a year old.

Such a long shelf-life might not affect the produce’s safety, but it does depreciate its nutritional vim. Which is part of the genius behind The Smart Garden, a countertop system that relies on proprietary “smart soil” and an advanced watering system that essentially promotes perfect growth. 

It’s made by Click and Grow, a company known for their affordable NASA-inspired wall gardens. While growing superfoods indoors is a lot easier than you might think, the Smart Garden is absolutely foolproof.

Thanks to Smart Garden’s nanotech “smart soil” that’s engineered to grow greens better than traditional soil, the fresh herbs and greens grown with it have 600 percent more nutrients than those you’ll find at your corner store.

The sensors, pumps and filtering systems that make typical home hydrophonic garden systems so expensive? You won’t find ’em here. You can essentially take this thing out of the box and start growing right away.

And it doesn’t look half-bad, either. The clean, white design — crafted by a guy who worked for Nest and Nokia — looks like a futuristic market basket.

And in a way, that’s exactly what you’re getting. 

The Smart Garden is currently crushing its Kickstarter goal. You can go ahead and preorder yours right here