Food & Drink | June 16, 2016 9:00 am

Portable Tailgate Rig Has Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink

The Overland Kitchen is built to order for your 4x4 of choice

Having a truck capable of churning out top-shelf meals at all times: good.

Getting involved in the shady underworld of food trucks: bad.

The logical and FDA-sanctions-free alternative: Scout Equipment’s Overland Kitchen, a custom-built on-the-go culinary system that hooks up to your vehicle’s power source.

The Overland’s aluminum frame houses drawers, cutting boards, a collapsible 2.5-gallon sink and an electric panel with USB charging ports. For a few bucks extra, you can add on a two-burner stove, beer fridge, LEDs and more. (Pro tip: we recommend adding a tip jar at your own expense.)

Designed for cooking, cleaning and then stowing away into a compact case, the 100-pound Overland is ideal for camping trips, tailgates or the impromptu cookout.

Prices for the custom builds start at $5,500, but contact Scout for an exact quote for your vehicle.

Now you’re cooking with gas.