Food & Drink | December 12, 2016 9:00 am

These Are the Freshest Steaks You Can Order

All for about eight bucks.

“You should always know your meat.”

We’re suckers for A) great steak and B) wordplay that makes our inner 13-year-olds chuckle.

So welcome Plaid Cow Society, your new favorite purveyor of steak and bawdy puns, now available nationwide for delivery.

This is prime stuff: Delicious, for one. Also hormone-free, grass-fed, never frozen, etc. Even the packaging is 100% recyclable. All for about $8 a meal.

And they’ve got a couple tricks up their sleeve that we’ve never seen from a steak company before.

Just launched this fall, Plaid Cow goes to great lengths to earn their streak cred. Half their site serves as a denouncement of grocery stores (“Don’t get boned by grocery corporations”) and their “sins of meat” (like meat glue … which we didn’t know existed). They suggest you opt for their made-to-order packages, as well as their organic/USDA-approved selection of beef and poultry.

To order, pick a protein (beef, chicken and/or pork), the number of people you’re cooking for (between 1-4) and how many meals you’d like to receive per week.

Each box comes with 12-16 meal-sized portions, which adds up to about seven lbs. of meat at around $8 per meal. A recent beef/chicken box, for instance, contained two ground beef bricks, two tri tips, two sets of chicken tenders, two sets of whole wings and two ribeyes.

While it all works on a subscription model, you can cancel anytime and pause your deliveries when needed.

Now, these are smaller meat cuts. They’re individually portioned and vacuum sealed slabs of meat, sans bone or fat. While that takes a bit of getting used to, it made for quicker and easier prep (we tried the ribeye and sirloin, as well as the grassfed ground beef … all great and super convenient to cook).

It’s not going to replace your favorite local steakhouse, but it does serve as a cut above mass-market meats.