By The Editors / February 5, 2016 9:00 am

Kudos to Mrs. Rogers.

She has nothing to do with the Land of Make Believe, but she is the classy lady who had the good sense to stash three bottles of Scotch in a hidden compartment next to the shoe bin in her closet during Prohibition. Keeper, that one.

After sitting untouched for more than 80 years, those three bottles of Teacher’s Highland Cream Blended Scotch Whisky were just discovered by the owners of Rogers’s erstwhile Oregon home — now a bed-and-breakfast — during a remodeling project.

They were found wrapped in a newspaper from Dec. 19, 1930, and each had a dated U.S. Internal Revenue tax stamp looped over the top. Given how valuable aged scotch can be, the the B&B’s owners could probably get a king’s ransom for the hooch if they decide to sell — and the tax stamps might be worth something to boot.

That said, it sounds like owners Tracy Bosen and Kevin Michel are more inclined to enjoy the bottles at special occasions than sell them. “They say that whisky and Scotch get better with age,” said Bosen. “I would assume this is probably pretty good stuff.”

Only one way to find out.