Food & Drink | January 5, 2017 9:00 am

Robot Freaking Bartenders Have Arrived. That Is All.

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Sometimes, you wanna go where everybody knows your name. Most of the time though, if we’re being honest, you really just wanna go where they know how to make your favorite drink.

Thanks to a new device showcasing at CES, that’ll soon mean going to the same place: your home.

Following years of development, Pernod Ricard has finished work on an internet-connected home spirits mixer and dispenser called Opn it plans to bring to market by early 2018.

The “hometainment” system — which is comprised of a “smart” tray stocked with alcohol-filled cartridges — is controlled by an application with 300 cocktail recipes from top mixologists that can be mixed and served by a novice thanks to the app’s preprogrammed pour levels.

The app also tracks what’s been served, so hosts know when to order new alcohol cartridges so they’ll be delivered in time for the next party.

“Opn provides simplicity, great cocktails and great moments with your friends and family,” said Alain Dufossé of PR’s Breakthrough Innovation Group. “Opn is redefining relationships between the user and product, creating a whole new range of experiences. Its potential is tremendous.”

Pricing and more details have yet TBD, but we’d wager it’ll suggest a Chivas recipe or two.