Food & Drink | December 15, 2020 11:13 am

Deal: This Half-Off Nespresso Machine Is a Great Gift for Anyone, Even Yourself

Breville’s Nespresso Vertuo Next is over 50% off at Sur La Table

Nespresso Vertuo Next Breville machine
This lil' guy can make you a shot of espresso or a whopping 14-ounce mug.
Sur La Table

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I like the ritual of making coffee in the morning — the grinding of the beans, measuring the coffee into a Chemex on my digital scale, pouring the water when it’s the perfect temperature. But I can completely understand the obsession with one-touch capsule coffee makers, especially at those ungodly hours of the morning. If you’ve been thinking about moving to the latter camp, or know someone who is, may I suggest a ridiculously good deal on a Nespresso machine?

Nespresso, of course, is the actually drinkable — dare we say, refined — pod coffee maker, and the Vertuo Next from Breville is currently over 50% off at Sur La Table. While there are seemingly endless models to choose from, this one’s perfect because while it’s slim and can fit on any countertop, even those in NYC apartments, it can also handle five different sizes of Nespresso capsules, from a single espresso up to the 14-ounce Alto size. 

That all-in-one capability also makes it an ideal gift. What also makes it perfectly giftable? The fact that Sur La Table offers two-day shipping from now until the 22nd which will get your orders to their intended destination by Christmas. We wouldn’t wait until the last minute, though. We would suggest pursuing the other Nespresso machines on sale, or the wider Sur La Table discounts, if you like the idea but aren’t sold on this exact model. (Make sure to get some coffee capsules, too.)

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