Food & Drink | December 19, 2016 9:00 am

The K-Cup of Beer Is Back, and Having a Massive Sale

Homebrewing for dummies (in a good way!)

Homebrewing is one of those hobbies you get excited about … until you try your first batch.

The process takes up a lot of space and time — not to mention that nobody wants to work hard for bad beer, which is what you’ll inevitably get the first five or six tries.

MiniBrew promises to change that. Paired with an app and an ingredient pack, the “smart” MiniBrew allows you to brew “any beer you like from home” with no experience. You can brew, ferment and tap your desired suds (sourced from dozens of microbreweries around the world) in one aluminum keg unit that’s about the size of a large espresso machine, and all in about three and a half hours (at least for the brewing; the fermentation takes anywhere from four days to two weeks).

The Dutch company initially launched the product on Indiegogo in 2015, but has returned to the crowdfunding site with what they say is a smaller and better machine. Available now for $799 (down from $1199), there were only 68 units still available at press time.

Shipments start in July.