Food & Drink | October 28, 2016 9:00 am

Call All the Halls of Fame: Some Brainiac Is Making Sausage Out of Bacon

Arteries, schmarteries

It’s usually good practice to avoid it knowing how the sausage gets made.

Not this time.

Because this sausage involves bacon. The hickory-smoked variety.

Conceived of as a way to use up excess bacon from 35 regional farms, Milton’s Local and fourth-generation Virginia farmer M. James Faison have created bacon sausage. (Ed. note: Since when is excess bacon a thing? If you’ve got excess bacon, come to my house.)

The bacon sausage Milton’s Local produces comes in two varieties (chipotle with cilantro and bell pepper with onion) and is made using pork ends cured in celery powder and cherry juice.

Free from MSG, gluten, nitrates and nitrites, the all-natural bacon sausages are smoked for eight hours before being ground and seasoned and then smoked for eight hours afterwards.

Since they launched, the sausage has won awards and been a hit with everyone … almost. “One of life’s ironies is that I’m married to a vegetarian,” Faison told Extra Crispy. Poor lady.

The bacon sausage is available at stores for $6.99 to $8.99 per 12-ounce pack, and, if you order online, you can secure a 72-ounce six-pack of goodness for $59.99 plus shipping.

Make somebody’s morning. 

Preferably ours.