Food & Drink | July 15, 2016 9:00 am

Meet the All-Steak Tasting Menu Dreams Are Made Of

... and meat sweats (but they're worth it)

If you’re a vegetarian, haven’t eaten in a few hours or are prone to fits of food envy, you may want to look away.

Since being named Sydney’s Best Steakhouse during its first year of business in 1999, Prime Steak Restaurant has been a mecca for lovers of first-class meat. And they just added an item to the menu that should put having a nosh at Prime on the to-do lists of carnivores worldwide.

Actually, to be more accurate, Prime just added another menu to its menu.

Dubbed the “Ultimate Meat Degustation,” Prime say its new seven-course offering is “the pinnacle of all steak dinners” and calls it the “world’s first premium meat-only degustation menu.”

Designed by Michelin-trained head chef Erwan Helary, the menu includes steaks like a full-blood Wagyu 9+ filet, Angus-Hereford yearling tenderloin and two Black Angus cuts, as well as sides like foie gras, scampi and quail yolks.

The meat is clearly the star of the show here, but there are also sauces and wines to accompany each dish, and the meal is capped off with a Grand Marnier soufflé.

“All of our beef is sourced from the nation’s top producers and grilled in our own unique way to avoid charring,” Helary said in a release. “I’ve also added my own twists and use diverse spices imported from France, along with seasonal ingredients and traditional French sauces.”

The menu costs $140 ($200 with the wine pairings) and reservations and special requests can be accommodated via GPO Grand’s Restaurant Butler.

Beef: it’s what’s for dinner.