Forget Crypto. Get Yourself a Golden Coin Infused With Antebellum Whisky.
By Tanner Garrity / September 21, 2018 9:00 am

Next time you’re at a dinner party and the head of the table’s droning on about blockchain and peer-to-peer distributed ledgers, you can either:

  1. Show him this glorious segment from John Oliver, or
  2. Whip out a baller form of physical currency, such as …

… A limited-edition, two-ounce gold coin, infused in its very center with a drop of the oldest whisky in the world. Yeah. Tell us more about “electroneum” though, Jeremy.  

The newest addition to high-end minters Lux Coin’s set of spirit coins, and created in collaboration with Australia’s Perth Mint, the Whisky Coin was just issued for the island country of Tuvalu at a face value of 50 Tuvaluan dollars. Or, $36.50 in USD.

whisky (4 images)

The real value of the coin, though, hovers around $9,200 USD. That’s thanks to the purity of the gold (99.9%) and rarity of the issue (only 300 copies minted), but also to the single drop of Old Vatted Glenlivet in the center, a whisky from 1862 that was bottled in the Scottish hills.

There’s a dinner party mic drop if there ever was one.

Find more information on purchasing your coin here.