This Bottle of Bubbly Is One of the Best in the World, Costs $10
By Michael Nolledo / June 27, 2017 9:00 am

Pro tip: The next time you need to pop a celebratory bottle, head to the supermarket.

Apparently that’s where all the delicious wine is.

Because just this month, Lidl — a European grocery chain that’s slowly expanding across the U.S. with locations in the Carolinas and Virginia — won the International Wine & Spirits competition’s “Silver Outstanding” award for its Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc NV. The price tag: $10.

If you’re not impressed, know that the winner’s circle also includes a 2008 vintage of Veuve Clicquot, which can cost upwards to $100.

Lidl describes their award-winning Crémant as “dry with plenty of flavor,” with a lingering finish. As far as Crémants go, don’t expect a nose-tingling experience. Think less bubbly than the champagne you might be used to.

According to Tasting Table, Lidl sells a U.S. variant — Los Andides Crémant de Loire, which recently won a gold metal at the Indy International Wine Competition, the largest indie wine contest in the country.

Between Lidl and news that an $8 bottle of rosé from Aldi was also named one of the best in the world, it appears supermarkets are truly the best places to pick up your booze.

We’ll cheers to that.