Food & Drink | September 14, 2016 9:00 am

This Inflatable Irish Pub Will Finally Make You a Barkeep

We hear this pop-up is really blowing up

No matter what his race, creed or religion, every man, at one time or another, dreams of running a bar he can call his own. Better if it’s an Irish alehouse, because well, the Irish — they basically invented pub culture.

The Paddy Wagon Pub promises to make that dream a reality, if only temporarily. It’s an inflatable pop-up saloon, thought up by a few folks in Boston (we’re not surprised), designed to bring the Irish pub experience to a lawn near you.

Think of it basically as a giant moonbounce for adults.

From the outside, the blow-up structure looks like a quaint Irish pub: the brick, chimney and wood siding. It’s not a painstaking recreation by any means, but then again, we don’t think they were going for realism — we’re talking about a giant inflatable house.

What you’re really paying for with this rental is novelty. But also the experience. In addition to proper Guinness and Irish whisky pours, the Paddy Wagon Pub can also provide traditional Irish pub grub, surly bartenders and even Irish step dancers.

All this makes the pop-up perfect for parties and events, of course.

Just leave the sharp objects at home.