Food & Drink | July 8, 2016 9:00 am

This Brewer Is Using Artificial Intelligence to Make the Perfect Beer

Great hosts, these robot overlords

Before Elon Musk scares you too much with his “killer A.I.” talk, have a beer.

A beer brewed by that very same A.I. — and all the better for it.

Hailed as “the world’s first beer brewed by artificial intelligence,” IntelligentX Brewing has crafted four brews with the help of “complex machine learning algorithms.” Essentially, codes were printed on four different bottles of beer, directing people to leave feedback via a Facebook Messenger bot named Abby that asked each drinker a series of simple questions on taste and preference.

In turn, an algorithm churned through the responses and fine-tuned the A.I.’s responses. This feedback was then used to find trends and give notes to the brewers (of the human variety), who then altered the recipes.

So it’s not entirely brewed by our new robot overlords. Instead, says IntelligentX’s co-founder Hew Leith, it’s a combo of “reinforced learning and Bayesian decision making, expert human brewers and our customers” … narrowing down nearly infinite choices to a few preferred tastes — and quickly, too.

The four A.I. beers (golden, amber, pale and black) have been altered eleven times so far, with the company’s goal of winning a major beer brewing tournament.

The beers are currently available in London, though the website promises chances to try new A.I. beers in the future for people who sign up for their newsletter.

If the beer bot is really smart, it’ll figure out how to get the beer to you, as well.