Food & Drink | July 6, 2016 9:00 am

This Guy Cooked a Steak With a Drone

Because why not?

Not to be reductive, but men like their flashy toys and grilled meats.

So hats off to David Freiheit, a self-proclaimed “YouTuber, extreme runner, cool dad” who, in an Internet first, recently wedded those two worlds by grilling a steak with a drone.

Attempting the unusual feat on Canada Day, Frei — who’s probably best known known on YouTube for documenting a squirrel hijacking his GoPro — used a small personal drone (not identified, but looks to be a DJI Phantom), an iPhone controller and a long hook/wire to place the steak on a grill and cook it from about 20 feet away.

As the video shows, his efforts were complicated by both dicey weather and his decidedly novice drone skills — during the flips, the steak touched the ground twice.

That said, watching the video is worth it just to hear Frei’s hearty, vigorous laugh as he finishes the first steak flip.

It’s the sound of accomplishment. A steak — nay, a job — well done.

His only post-drone cooking tip? “Needs steak spice.”