Food & Drink | November 7, 2017 9:00 am

Happy Hour: Where Watches and Cocktails Collide

Will Lee of Grey Ghost meets Shinola’s Lake Erie Monster

Because half the fun of wearing a nice watch is being able to ruminate on its origin story with a stiff drink in hand, we present Happy Hour — a new video series in which we palm off the latest luxury tickers to talented mixologists across the country, give them the skinny and task them with creating a tasty libation to match.

Our inaugural episode finds ace drinksmith Will Lee of Detroit cocktail haunt Grey Ghost meeting Shinola’s just-dropped (and limited to 500 pieces) “Lake Erie Monster.”

The first ever dive watch (and first automatic, mechanical movement) from the Motor City watchmakers pays homage to a Loch Ness-style creature rumored to roam the waters of the Great Lakes. It comes complete with a diver’s map of Lake Erie and a flashlight for illuminating its murky depths.

And dammit if Lee’s custom libation doesn’t dovetail excellently with it, boasting rich flavors of autumnal Michigan and a 100-proof kick-in-the-pants guaranteed to warm the core — whether you’re an intrepid waterman hunting folkloric beasts or merely a thirsty gent hunting for a buzzy respite from winter’s chill.

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