Food & Drink | February 27, 2019 9:00 am

Guy Fieri Is Opening a Chain of Chicken Finger Joints

Welcome to f*cking Flavortown

MAN, this is gonna be good. 

Guy Fieri — restaurateur, Emmy Award-winner, owner of a closet full of camo Hawaiians and cargo shorts —  is poised to open up a chicken tender joint in Miami this year. 

It’s called Chicken Guy!, and will offer a preposterous 22 signature sauces for dipping, ranging from “Spicy Mayonnaise” to, of course, “Donkey Sauce.” 

fieri (5 images)

This is actually Fieri’s second Chicken Guy!. He and Robert Earl, CEO of Planet Hollywood, opened the first location at Walt Disney World last July. It appears that the tenders (plus an array of chicken sandwiches, fries in a special Fieri sauce, and fried pickles) have really been taking customers on the express train to Flavortown. Fieri and Earl’s Miami location is only the beginning of a larger plan to open several Chicken Guy!’s across the country

Our take on all this: fantastic. While we wouldn’t recommend regularly eating Chicken Guy!, or living in Florida, this is the ideal fast food pilgrimage one-off. Plus, it’s far easier to support a fast chicken company helmed by Heat Miser than to throw your lot in with Chik-fil-A

All images via Chicken Guy!