Probably the Most Idiotproof Wood-Pellet Grill You Can Buy

At the ideal BBQ, the host dishes out backyard banter and perfectly cooked burgers and dogs with equal aplomb.

But all too often, too much of the former can preempt the latter.

Which is why it’s probably time to invest in a grill that does the work for you.

One solution: Gas. A better one: Grilla’s idiotproof Wood Pellet Grill. The shape is a little different than you might be used to (it looks like an outsized lava lamp), but so is the technology — and the results.

Grilla uses convection grilling airflow to cook every dang part of your meat, providing evenly distributed heat for maximum flavor. The cooking chamber comes with two stainless steel tiers, and the circular shape does away with the idea of a “cold section.” Not to mention: auto-start ignition (no gas, lighter fluid or matches necessary) and a digital control panel to keep track of the grill and meat temp. Oh, and the whole thing shuts with an easy-to-close “heat lid” as opposed to a heavy domed hood.

Find purchasing info here, and then set a date for that next BBQ, champ.