A 10-Day Global Scotch Tour, and That’s Just the Job Interview

To get hired as Grant’s Whisky’s new global brand ambassador, you won’t just need to bring a stiff handshake to the job interview — you’ll also need to be packing a stiff drink.

See, the first stage of Grant’s hiring process requires applicants to submit a three-ingredient drink recipe (in which we may be able to help) that showcases not only their personality and creativity, but also the whisky maker’s motto of “Stand Together.”

Grant’s then plans to continue their self-described “Greatest Job Interview In The World” by bringing the 20 most qualified applicants to Scotland so they can be put through the paces during a number of challenges that likely will involve talking about, and drinking, lots of Scotch.

Grant’s (2 images)

After the Mixer event, three finalists will advance to the final stage of the interview process and travel to three cities in 10 days armed with nothing but a suitcase of Grant’s at each destination. Once on location, the applicant will work with a personal videographer and a team of locals to create, host and curate an event that highlights the cocktail they crafted originally. 

“We are looking for a charismatic, talented and passionate figurehead to continue our brand’s journey from its creation in 1887 to a whisky now enjoyed by millions across 183 countries,” Grant’s says. “Be paid to travel the world and promote whisky.”

To start the process, submit your drink here.