Glassware Made From Shattered Phone Screens? We’ll Drink to That.
By Tanner Garrity / April 16, 2018 9:00 am

At some point in every 21st-century man’s life, his phone will make a mad dash for the cement, leaving him to read his texts, maps and emails through a spiderweb of shattered sapphire. That pocket to hand transfer is deadly, people.

And while that screen is replaceable, it’s certainly not reparable. So what happens to it? One option: Your kitchen cabinet.

Pentatonic is a young company that buys up trash and converts it into uniquely imagined furniture and accoutrements. And their team of Berlin- and London-based designers are now transforming discarded smartphone screens into a line of storm-clouded glassware we’d be lining up for regardless of the goodwill mission.

Each piece comes with stats on the trash that was saved and converted to create it. The Handy Bowl, for example, was constructed from 360 glass screens. That’s a lot of pavement tragedies wrapped into one dining room centerpiece.

The collection is priced accessibly, with sets selling from $45-59. Check the rest of the site to learn more, as well as find deals on chairs built from recycled plastic, felt placemats woven from discarded bottles and more.