Food & Drink | November 3, 2016 9:00 am

Cookware So Pretty You Might Actually Use It

Marie + Merrill: Great-looking pans. Great-looking price.

What do men do when their masculinity is threatened?

According to one study, they cook more. (And then do less housework, but let’s set that aside.)

For those looking to reclaim their manhood — or just make a great steak with zero fuss — we have the cookware for you.

Made in America. Great looking. And at this price, you might call it the five-dollar-steak of things that can actually cook a steak.

It goes by Marie + Merrill, and it’s gonna change your kitchen game for good.

Named after the grandparents of founders John Early and Graham Heard, M + M takes the no middleman approach: using an Everlane/Warby Parker model, they can offer high-end skillets and saucepans for about half the price of, say, Le Creuset.

Plus, it’s all made in America. In fact, every box of Marie + Merrill includes a hand-signed card from the person that finished that particular piece of cookware.

“We try not to dwell on this too much, but the industry we’re attacking is controlled by an oligopoly,” says Early. “A small handful of conglomerates (largely foreign) control most cookware brands and products, even the ones that are ‘American made.’ We’re much different. Our partner factory is independent — always has been — and is one of very few places in the country that can make an exceptional product at scale.”

Besides pricing, M + M is attacking quality. Each piece of their cookware utilizes three layered metals: induction-ready magnetic stainless steel on the outer, aluminum in the middle (for its thermal properties) and 18/10 stainless steel on the cooking surface, because it’s “the most sanitary cooking surface and non-reactive with all foods,” as the company puts it.

“Triple-ply construction with an aluminum core is really the ideal type of cookware for the vast majority of people,” says Early. “Our method provides even heating throughout while remaining cooking surface agnostic. This means it’s going to perform beautifully on gas, electric and even induction cooktops. All our pieces are oven-ready and dishwasher safe as well.”

And the handles stay cool on top of your oven.

You can purchase Marie + Merrill cookware as a set or individually. There are skillets, saute pans and saucepans of various sizes. The founders say solid wood cutting boards, cutlery and kitchen linens are all on board as future product releases.

As for what to cook?

Says Early: “Graham sears salmon steaks in the 10″ pan all the time. A lot of people think you need really heavy cast iron or carbon steel for this, but chefs and other experts recognize that a well-made triple-ply skillet performs this task with ease. I have made all sorts of delicious steaks and other meats and fish, but also find myself making simple things like grilled cheese and weekend pancakes.”

Given that kitchenware, like any product line, can be confusing for novices, M + M offers kind of a one-stop shop for guys looking to reclaim the kitchen.

“We’ve done the homework for you,” says Early. “We spent over a year narrowing down what was the best type of cookware for guys. We want quality tools that are going to last and perform the same way every time, and that’s what we’re selling. There’s no BS in the price point, you don’t have to buy a set if you don’t need it, and it’s made by real people in the United States who work hard.”

You had us at “No BS.”